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LEO SIGN IN ASTROLOGY: Meaning, Traits, Magnetism

Let your gifts of utter diplomacy, kindness, and social smarts sparkle throughout sunshine-y Leo season by being the BFF-to-all that you truly are. Take the lead, and your peeps will follow. OK, so Leo season is alllll about self-expression and takin' the spotlight, so I've got to warn you: It's time to put down your stinger and step out into the light, Scorp!

Things are going well for you, and the world wants to see what you've got to offer.

Hard work pays off — you're gonna see the sparkling results. The recent eclipses have bestowed some brand-new and very exciting new perspectives on you, Sag!

Leo Love and Sex

And now that a sparkly, shiny fellow fire sign's season has arrived, it's time put the many inspiring thoughts swirling through your head into action. Do your thing — and have fun with it.

♌ Leo zodiac sign meaning ♌

But Leo season is spotlight your bank account and its contents or, you know, lack thereof. If the current retrograde has you feeling messy financially, fiery Leo season will provide you the spark you need to get your affairs in perfect, pristine, Capricorn order. Leo season is all about passion, and while you're not usually the romantic type, Aqua, you're feelin' it! Embrace that fire, girl. You deserve for your soul to feel as warm, balmy, and full of life as the current summer days.

Look at you, little miss popular! The flames of Leo season reflect beautifully on your dreamy waters, Pisces, and the spotlight looks good on you. In western astrology, there are 12 signs but standing for 12 periods of a year. According to natural distribution, stars are divided into many regions of different sizes, each called a constellation. Connecting all bright stars in a constellation with lines, different images in the shape of animals and objects are formed.

List of 12 Zodiac Signs - Dates, Meanings, Symbols

People named each constellation according to its shape. The International Astronomical Union divided the sky into 88 constellations with precise boundaries, making every star belonging to a particular constellation. Seen from Earth, the sun moves slowly in the Celestial Sphere and passes through constellations, forming a large circle for a year.

This circle is called Ecliptic. The Ecliptic is divided into twelve equal portions each equivalent to 30 degrees ; each portion was named after the closest constellation. All these twelve portions were called Ecliptic Constellations, according to which western horoscope theories developed.

Zodiac Signs | Do you know what your star sign means?

The astrologists divide a year is into 12 periods, during each period the sun being in a constellation area. Spend yours with those that are doing things that energize you and encourage you to imagine your own version of the same. Leo season lights up your career with opportunities to grow, create, and liberate yourself from industry-wide archaic practices.

Your field needs you to be unapologetic about your expertise. If you have worked long, hard, and honestly at something, you and everyone else you work with needs to know about it. Sustainable growth comes from a willingness to explore the depths of your life and heart.

Leo in Astrology

Leo Season brings massive rewards when you are willing to expand in the outer world while deepening your connection to your inner one. The season of Leo will bring you gifts via the good will of others. What flows to you is in part due to what you have invested. Enjoy the fruits of your co-operative labor.

This time of your year will bring all manner of sweetness into your committed partnerships. Helping to heal any residue from broken heartedness with greater ease than normal, your heart will get a necessary reboot. This is a great time to learn more about your love languages—and those of your loved ones.