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Raising a Capricorn Boy
  1. 1. Capricorns Are Old Souls
  2. 6 Things To Know About Capricorn Babies — There's Good News & Bad
  3. Capricorn Baby
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They will need to be friends with someone who they respect and who respects them back. Capricorn toddlers usually excel in their school life. They will work hard to maintain good grades.

1. Capricorns Are Old Souls

These kids are also sticklers for the rules, so it is unlikely that they will get in trouble at school by cheating or getting into fights. Studying is important to them, but they still know how to have fun on the playground as well.

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Like any child, a Capricorn child will be dependent on their parent at the start of his or her life. Eventually, they will start to grow up, and they will want to do things for themselves. They tend to mature faster than children of other signs, which helps to become independent at a younger age than many children. These kids will still love and respect their parents, though.

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  • Capricorn Child & Parent.

They know that they can always look towards their parents when they need help with something. The Capricorn children are always learning and will be dependent on someone until they learn how not to be.

6 Things To Know About Capricorn Babies — There's Good News & Bad

This takes different amounts of time depending on the topic and the Capricorn baby in question. Capricorn boys and Capricorn girls of the same sign have more in common than not. They both need rules to provide structure in their lives, encouragement to make friends and try new things, and some slack when they get stressed out. Girls may have body confidence issues when they get older because of this.

Capricorn Baby

They may worry that they are not skinny or pretty enough. Boys may worry if they do not grow facial hair or if they cannot gain muscles as quickly as their friends. They are both ambitious. The girls will likely want to spend more time with their mothers, while the boys will spend more time with their fathers to learn from them.

Other than these things, these genders are the same unless strict gender roles are pushed on them. The leadership aspect would be seen in this parent-child relationship right from the beginning.


Regarding security within this relationship, Cancer parent and Capricorn baby would share numerous similarities. Since the Capricorn kid was born a planner, the Libra parent would work hard to accept their changes around the house. The Capricorn child would be glad that the Scorpio parent is intuitive enough to understand their demands both emotionally and physically.

The Sagittarius mother or father would have to adjust to the serious nature of the Capricorn child. Both parent and child were born planners.

Capricorn: A Teddy Bear In A Shark's Costume (October 12th - 21st)

The Pisces parent instinctive nature would help a lot in showering the Capricorn baby with love and care. Raising a Capricorn child is easy compared to some of the kids from other signs. They are likely to become popular with their peers. Natural leaders, they are likely to wind up being nominated for team captain. Set them up with a toy cash register and watch their imaginations flow.

Mothering Traits of a Capricorn Mom

This sign is afraid to make mistakes and may need to be encouraged to let loose and play. This little worrier hates to displease Mommy and Daddy. Get the Horoscope Guide! The Capricorn Child. Give them musical instruments and pray you can stand the noise!